Our mission

The mission of the Ideas Network 2030 is to provide an informal framework for individuals of the centre-right of British politics, along with other stakeholders interested in long term trends and their effects on our economy, politics and society, to meet, discuss, evaluate and assess the importance of these trends to current politics in the United Kingdom.

The Network, driven by a younger generation of thought leaders, will enable insight in global trends likely to impact the UK and its’ neighbourhood, with a particular focus on security, migration and demography, digital change, sustainability and trade and economics.

The Network will aim to promote ideas and innovative thinking about these developments, to ensure a constant exchange between the UK and the European Union, allowing both to address these trends in the most effective way possible.

This will include proposing possible policy changes where long-term trends are clearly visible, and where they are likely to have significant and sustained impact, in particular for future and younger generations.

The Network will work with local, national and European stakeholders across politics, business, academia and society to drive change, nurture ideas and debate and foster new and innovative thinking about the most pressing trends and developments facing the UK and the European Union.

The IN2030 Team

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