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The 2019 Ideas Network 2030 Summer University was held at Saïd Business School in Oxford on Thursday 12th September and Friday 13th September. The meeting focused on key areas including Sustainable Development, Trade & Economics, Security, Migration & Demography and Digital Change. Click on the images below to hear about the Summer University.

Find out more about the IN2030 Summer University 2019

IN2030 Summer University introduction

Global trends and their impact on current & future political priorities. In conversation with Roland Freudenstein, Rt. Hon. Damian Green MP and Prof. Syed Kamall
Part 1 – discussion on Brexit

Part 2 – discussion on the five key global trends

IN2030 Launch Video (September 2018)

The Ideas Network 2030, steered by a new generation of thought leaders, has been launched with a conference in Oxford at Rhodes House on Saturday 22nd September 2018. To find out more about the aims of the Network watch the introduction video above.

IN2030: The Big Picture: Global Trends to 2030 and their impact on the United Kingdom?

Click above to watch Robin Niblett, Director, Chatham House speaking at the IN2030 Launch Event in Oxford.

IN2030: Global Trends to 2030 – What are the pathways to a secure future?

Click above to watch the Rt. Hon. Dominic Grieve QC MP, Chairman, Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee speaking at the IN2030 Launch Event in Oxford.

Videos from others

The workforce crisis of 2030 – and how to start solving it now
Rainer Strack | TED@BCG Berlin | WATCH
It sounds counterintuitive, but by 2030, many of the world’s largest economies will have more jobs than adult citizens to do those jobs. Human resources expert Rainer Strack suggests that countries ought to look across borders for mobile and willing job seekers. But to do that, they need to start by changing the culture in their businesses. This talk was presented at a TED Institute event given in partnership with BCG.

How data will transform business
Philip Evans | TED@BCG San Francisco | WATCH
What does the future of business look like? In an informative talk, Philip Evans gives a quick primer on two long-standing theories in strategy – and explains why he thinks they are essentially invalid. This talk was presented at a TED Institute event given in partnership with BCG.

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