On this page you can access the archive video recordings from the open sessions of the Summer University 2021.

IN2030 Summer University 2021
Session 1: Opening session

Scene setting discussion setting out the political context in which the Summer University is being held. This session reflected on politics and priorities in the UK and EU (noting upcoming elections in France and Germany) as we emerge from the COVID pandemic and begin to build back our economies.


IN2030 Summer University 2021
Session 2: Priorities emerging from global trends 2030 and beyond

The panel identified and described the key global trends, drawing on work already done by IN2030. Speakers will address what are the main developments in each respective region and how these are likely to evolve over the period 2021-2030 and beyond as well as how they relate to one another, describing interlinkages and overlaps.


IN2030 Summer University 2021
Session 3: Guest Speaker in Conversation: Elements in US, EU and UK architecture looking to 2030

With the election of US President Biden, new possibilities have emerged for Transatlantic cooperation to address key global challenge, such as China and climate change. This discussion focused on how the US, UK and EU can construct a new architecture of relations that moves beyond respective election cycles to ensure future cooperation, irrespective of who occupies the White House.


IN2030 Summer University 2021
Session 4: Guest Speaker in Conversation: Assessing the power of the Internet

The advance of technology is having transformative effects on democratic structures and societies, with new actors and old exploiting developments to change, and in some cases undermine trust and faith in the institutions and processes of Western democracies. How can the UK and the EU institutionalize dialogue and cooperation effectively to set principles and standards protecting our basic democratic processes and structures from those who would seek to undermine them?


IN2030 Summer University 2021
Session 8: Guest Speaker in Conversation: The challenges ahead for Europe

As the European Union exits from the final stages of the pandemic, a chance emerges to refocus on pre-existing political priorities set out for the 2019-2024 work programme and beyond. For example, will the EU still be on track to become the first climate neutral continent, has the pandemic helped or hindered its digital strategy, and what role for an EU seeking to strengthen its global voice in a world of increased competitive interdependence?


IN2030 Summer University 2021
Session 11: Guest Speakers in Conversation: Global Britain: Cooperation in a competitive age?

Following the UK’s departure from the EU, two speakers from a younger generation of analysts gave their insights and thoughts on the Government’s Global Britain policy and the Integrated Review. Touching on perceptions and realities on both sides, what picture emerges to establish joint priorities for cooperation in tackling shared security, strategic and foreign policy problems?


Written summaries of other sessions

Session 5: Technology – Who regulates Cyberspace?

Session 6: Economy and Trade: Resilience of Openness?

Session 7: Geopolitical – Is the Rise of China Inevitable?

Session 9: Sustainability – How to Make a Success of COP26?