Ideas Network 2030 – Launch forum

Saturday 22nd September 2018
Rhodes house, Oxford


An interactive event has launched a new network which brings together individuals on the centre right of British politics, along with other stakeholders interested in long term trends, to discuss, evaluate and assess their relevance to current politics in the United Kingdom, and to generate imaginative ideas that will help shape our response to them as a European country.

View the full agenda here

IN2030 Launch Video (September 2018)

IN2030: The Big Picture: Global Trends to 2030 and their impact on the United Kingdom?

Click above to watch Robin Niblett, Director, Chatham House speaking at the IN2030 Launch Event in Oxford.

IN2030: Global Trends to 2030 – What are the pathways to a secure future?

Click above to watch the Rt. Hon. Dominic Grieve QC MP, Chairman, Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee speaking at the IN2030 Launch Event in Oxford.


  • Provide insight into the global trends likely to impact the United Kingdom and its neighbourhood through to 2030
  • Generate and vigorously promote new ideas and innovative thinking on these trends
  • Stimulate a new and continual exchange between the United Kingdom and the European Union


  • A series of think pieces on the key topics of the event which are:
    – What are the pathways to a secure future?
    – How can humanity cope with the speed of digital change?
    – How do we drive change to achieve a more sustainable planet?
    – What is the future of international trade and investment?
  • Copies of keynote and platform interventions
  • Video and collateral material for deployment across Social and traditional Media
  • Establishment of online discussion forum based on event materials materials and debate


A successful launch of the Ideas Network 2030 with a clearly identified agenda and key stakeholders engaged to support it going forward.
If you would like to join the network please send an email with your details to